At its June 7, 2020 meeting, the WIAA Executive Board approved the 2020-2024 WOA/WIAA Co-Op Agreement.  The Agreement was co-developed by the WOA and the WIAA with the following goals:
  • Improve officiating 
  • Increase the number of officials
  • Achieve statewide financial consistency

The Agreement goes into effect in advance of the 2020-2021 school year.  The WOA will use the ArbiterPay platform to expedite the payment of officials.  Officials will be required to enter final scores as part of their end-of-game report in order to trigger payment.  WIAA member schools will be charged a WOA membership fee that will cover schools' ability to request and have officials assigned for interscholastic contests.  The fee schedule is available in the column to the right.

In order to centralize and standardize the management of schedules for WIAA schools, the WIAA office, and officials, ArbiterGame will become the preferred scheduling platform beginning in Fall of 2020.  Among the services included under the WOA membership fee, WIAA schools will have access to the ArbiterGame platform at no additional cost.

The full text of the 2020-2024 WOA/WIAA Co-Op Agreement is available to the right.

What is the WOA Membership Program?
The WOA Membership Fee is a new fee that is part of the WIAA/WOA Co-Op Agreement.  The objectives are to provide schools comprehensive support for official services and to have the funds in place to pay officials upon completion of first contests.
What is the goal of the WOA Membership Program?
The WOA Membership Program will save schools money, eliminate some duties of business managers and streamline the payment process for officials.
How are membership fees calculated?
Membership fees are based on the allowable home contests for a school. For example, in determining the 3A-4A Basketball Membership Fee, 10 home games for Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshmanteams would be used in calculating the fee.

What services are provided for the membership fee?

  • Officials’ services for contests at no additional cost
  • 1099 forms processed and sent to officials saving business managers time
  • Assigning services for all contests including rescheduling as necessary
  • Payment processing for services rendered by officials within 24 hours
  • Contest scores reported to required sites saving ADs time
  • A contest scheduling program eliminating a cost that schools regularly incur

These services and products are being provided at a cost schools would typically pay for just officials’ services. Efficiencies in operation will reduce costs as well as reconcile accounts at the completion of each WIAA season to assure compliance.
Is the WOA Membership Program and fee process approved by WASBO?
The WIAA and WOA have worked with WASBO to assure the Membership Program is in compliance with the State Auditor’s Office.
When will invoices be sent?
Invoices will be sent 60 days prior to the start of the season.
What happens to the fees if games are not played?
At the end of the season, the membership fee will be a credit toward the actual contest fees incurred by your school. You will receive an invoice with any amounts owed or a credit for any amounts not used. Your school will determine how the credit is handled (refund check or credit for the next season).
Who will handle the payment to officials and 1099 forms?
WOA will process payment to officials using ArbiterPay. In addition, 1099 forms will be distributed to officials via ArbiterPay and ArbiterSports.

Approved June 7, 2020 


Todd Stordahl
WOA Executive Director

GESA Credit Union