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August 2015

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8/26/2015 - Updated WIAA Statement Regarding Bellevue High School

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8/24/2015 - WIAA Response to the Seattle Times' Article Regarding the Bellevue High School Football Program

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8/19/2015 - Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention Information

8/18/2015 - 2015-16 WIAA Official Handbook Available Online

WIAA Response to the Seattle Times' Article Regarding the Bellevue High School Football Program

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is aware of the Seattle Times article regarding the Bellevue High School Football Program and is currently taking action to determine and execute the proper course of action in this situation.The WIAA would like to provide some clarity on that process, established by WIAA member schools, for concerned parents, players, school staff and other Washingtonians who have had questions about the role of the WIAA.

The WIAA membership has established the structure and protocols for school activities and athletics programs to be fair, competitive and safe for every student. The Association aims to promote a healthy school culture by defining clear standards for schools and WIAA Districts to follow, and in the case of potential violations and sanctions, by following the guidelines set forth by the WIAA membership. 

Process for Violations
The WIAA protocol allows for a school to self-report its violations and proposed sanctions to their respective league. Next, the league may accept the findings or place further sanctions on that school, which the school may appeal to the WIAA District and ultimately to the WIAA Board.  If the league or the WIAA District is not comfortable with the initial findings reported by the school, either entity may request that the WIAA investigate the allegations. The WIAA staff does not initiate investigations, it must have a request from a member school or league that includes the perceived violation and evidence. 

Possible Fact Finding by the WIAA Office
A fact finding process can be initiated by either a member school, its league, or the WIAA Executive Board once a review has been requested. (Two fact findings have been implemented by the WIAA office in the last year.) There has not been a request yet of the WIAA staff to investigate any alleged violations, the WIAA office is in communication with all parties involved to make sure the proper protocol is followed with regard to the Bellevue High School Football Program.

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