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March 2018

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WIAA Seeks Public Input on 2018 Proposed Amendments

The WIAA Representative Assembly will be voting on the 2017 proposed amendments April 28 - May 5. The WIAA is seeking input from the public and member school personnel in advance of the Representative Assembly's voting window.

What is the Representative Assembly?
The Representative Assembly is comprised of 53 total members - 18 middle level members and 35 high school members. The Representative Assembly votes on the proposed amendments.

How are Amendments proposed?
Amendments come from three (3) sources: a collaborative proposal sponsored by a minimum of five (5) member schools, the WIAA Executive Board which includes work from standing WIAA committees, and the Washington State School Directors Association Interscholastic Activities Committee (WSSDA IAC). Amendments are broken into one of three categories depending on the 
WIAA Handbook rule that they affect: Middle Level (ML), High School (HS), and Middle Level/High School (ML/HS). Middle level members vote on middle level amendments, high school members vote on high school amendments, and all members vote on middle level/high school amendments.

How does an Amendment get passed?
A sixty percent (60%) "yes" vote by the Representative Assembly is needed to adopt an amendment. Middle level only amendments require 11 "yes" votes, high school only amendments require 21 "yes" votes, and middle level/high school joint amendments require 32 "yes" votes.

Please use the following link to review the proposed amendments and respond as needed. Feedback will be collected through Friday, April 20.

Proposed Amendment Survey

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