Shrinking Financial Stress
May 2022

Are you feeling stressed about the lack of money in your account or the idea of future expenses? Well, you’re not alone. About 64% of Americans say they are stressed about money, which can look a lot like physical and mental stress. Stress can cause chronic symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and even the inability to concentrate, impacting daily life activities. While it is easy to think about financial stressors, considering what’s in your control and identifying what you can do can help alleviate worry.

Here’s a tip: Keep it simple. When listing out all of your monthly expenses, include outgoing items such as paying off a credit card or loan and incoming money from your job or other income generators. Once you have created a list of both, take a hard look at what you could potentially remove from the outflow of cash. You can cut down on things like streaming services, subscriptions, and unnecessary shopping to save money. Make one decision at a time, find support from someone you trust to help you look at your financial goals, and lastly, stay flexible and remember that you can always pivot and adjust your financial plans.

Want to learn about more ways to handle your money? Check out this free 5 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress article from our partners at GreenPath Financial, and start planning today!

Gesa Credit Union is deeply committed to financial education in the community. Seminars are available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a member. Gesa also offers free financial literacy materials and onsite workshops to high schools, colleges, clubs, businesses, and other groups. There is no cost for speakers or materials and each presentation can be tailored to suit the needs of your group or organization.

“Paying for College” (January 2021)
Learn what drives college costs, what families typically pay, review Gesa scholarship opportunities, and discuss available financial aid options to help cover college costs.

“Assembling a Successful Application”
(December 2020)
Review a timeline for developing the four key elements of your college admissions packet: course transcripts, standardized testing results, admissions essays, and a description of extracurricular activities.

“Planning Ahead for Your College Career” (December 2020)
Learn how to build a semester-by-semester plan for high school students and families to maximize their opportunities to successfully enroll in the college of their choice.

“Preparing for College Admissions During COVID-19” (April 2020)

Valuable information for families navigating the college admissions process during COVID-19.

“Fighting Today's Fraud” (April 2020)
Valuable tips to help protect yourself from fraud.
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