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Monday-Thursday 7:00am - 4:00pm

To assist you in determining which individual can best serve you, the following list of topics and the individual(s) responsible for them has been provided.  Click on an individual's name to email them.  The first individual listed is the primary contact.

Academic Achievement Justin Kesterson, Aaron Roetcisoender
Allocations Andy Barnes, Justin Kesterson
Amendments Cindy Adsit, Mick Hoffman
Athlete of the Week Aaron Roetcisoender
Awards/Trophies Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes
AWSP Liaison Mick Hoffman
Baseball Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes
Basketball  Andy Barnes, Cindy Adsit
Billing Peter Ho, Leah Francis
Board Policy Mick Hoffman, Cindy Adsit
Bowling BJ Kuntz, Andy Barnes
Calendar  Cindy Adsit
Cheerleading Cindy Adsit, BJ Kuntz
Classifications Andy Barnes, Mick Hoffman, Justin Kesterson
Coaches School  BJ Kuntz, Sam Brown, Mick Hoffman
Coaches Education/Standards  BJ Kuntz, Mick Hoffman, Aaron Roetcisoender
College Coalition Mick Hoffman, Cindy Adsit
Combined/Co-op Programs Justin Kesterson
Contracts Mick Hoffman, Leah Francis, Andy Barnes
Corporate Partners Andy Knapp, Mick Hoffman
Cross Country Justin Kesterson, Andy Barnes
Dance/Drill Cindy Adsit, BJ Kuntz
Debate (Forensics) Justin Kesterson, Andy Barnes
District Directors

    District 1 & 5:    Justin Kesterson
    District 2 & 7:    Cindy Adsit
    District 3 & 6:    BJ Kuntz
    District 4 8 & 9: Andy Barnes   
Mick Hoffman, Cindy Adsit
Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) Mick Hoffman, Justin Kesterson, Sam Brown
Drama Justin Kesterson, BJ Kuntz
Ejections/Conduct Reports Justin Kesterson, Cindy Adsit
Eligibility BJ Kuntz, Justin Kesterson, Sam Brown
Emerald City Volleyball Invitational Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes
Enrollment Forms BJ Kuntz, Cindy Adsit
Esports Justin Kesterson, Mick Hoffman
Event Sanction/Approval Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes,
Executive Board Mick Hoffman, Cindy Adsit
Fall Workshops BJ Kuntz, Andy Barnes
Fiscal Management Mick Hoffman, Leah Francis, Andy Barnes
Football Andy Barnes, Justin Kesterson
Golf Andy Barnes, BJ Kuntz
Gymnastics Cindy Adsit, Justin Kesterson
Hall of Fame BJ Kuntz, Sam Brown
Handbook Interpretations Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes
Human Resources Leah Francis, Mick Hoffman
Insurance Leah Francis, Mick Hoffman
Investigations Mick Hoffman, Cindy Adsit
Job Postings Andy Barnes
Just Play Fair!/Sportsmanship BJ Kuntz, Mick Hoffman
LEAP Committee Andy Knapp, Casey Johnson
Legal Issues Mick Hoffman, Leah Francis
Legislative Liaison Mick Hoffman
Media Relations Casey Johnson, Mick Hoffman
Medical Aspects Justin Kesterson, BJ Kuntz
Membership BJ Kuntz
Middle Schools Justin Kesterson, Cindy Adsit
Music Justin Kesterson, Cindy Adsit
MyWIAA Sam Brown
Officials (WOA) Justin Kesterson, Mick Hoffman
Online Rules Clinics Andy Barnes
Publications Casey Johnson, Mick Hoffman
RPI Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes, BJ Kuntz
Scholastic Cup Justin Kesterson, Aaron Roetcisoender
School Directory Casey Johnson
Smart Choices Scholarship Andy Knapp, Casey Johnson
Soccer BJ Kuntz, Justin Kesterson
Social Media Andy Knapp, Casey Johnson
Softball BJ Kuntz, Cindy Adsit
State Championship Vendor/Souvenir Merchandise Andy Knapp, Leah Francis, Mick Hoffman
Stunt Certification Cindy Adsit
Swimming & Diving Andy Barnes, Cindy Adsit
Technology Andy Barnes, Andy Knapp
Tennis Andy Barnes, Cindy Adsit
Track & Field Justin Kesterson, Andy Barnes
Unified Sports BJ Kuntz, Cindy Adsit
Violations Cindy Adsit, Justin Kesterson
Volleyball Cindy Adsit, BJ Kuntz
WASA Liaison Mick Hoffman
Website Andy Knapp, Casey Johnson, Andy Barnes
WIAA/WOA Review Committee Justin Kesterson, Mick Hoffman
Women in Sport BJ Kuntz, Sam Brown
Wrestling Justin Kesterson, Cindy Adsit
WSCA Liaison Andy Barnes
WSSAAA Liaison BJ Kuntz, Justin Kesterson, Mick Hoffman
WSSDA Liaison Mick Hoffman

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